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In Vivo pharmacology efficacy studies provide critical "proof of concept" for advancing an NCE. At present, DL has the requisite expertise to deliver on the following efficacy models across therapeutic areas.

Pain and Inflammatory Models:
  • CFA/Carrageenan induced hyperalgesia in rats
  • Carrageenan and LPS induced paw edema in rats
  • Acetic acid induced writhing in mice
  • Oxazolone induced ear edema in mice
Neuropathic Pain Models
  • PSNL induced neuropathic pain in rats
  • Diabetic Neuropathic Pain (DNP) in rats
Metabolic Disorders
  • STZ induced Type-I diabetes in SD rats
  • HFD/STZ (low dose) induced Type II diabetes in SD rats (Under Validation)
Other Studies
  • Pharmacopoeial Bioassays