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Welcome to Delve Labs

Delve Labs Pvt. Limited (DL) is Contract Research provider specializing in Toxicology, Pharmacology, Biocompatibility and DMPK. The lab and the registered office are located in Hyderabad, India, is to offer cost effective GLP data, confirming with the international standards, to meet the global regulatory requirements. The organization provides comprehensive services to the pharmaceutical, biotech and specialty chemical industry.

DL has a world-class animal facility with state-of-the-art Barrier Maintained Facility, which is designed to house rodents and non rodents under gentle and clean environment in compliance with the AAALAC / guideline requirements.

We also undertake other non-standard and investigative toxicology studies.


DL has qualified staff to design and conduct toxicology ...

Genetic Toxicology

Genetic toxicology studies are conducted early...


Biocompatibility is, by definition, a measurement ...


In Vivo pharmacology efficacy studies provide ...


In vitro ADME screens provide critical...